Grand Victoria

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

"Grand Victoria" Restaurant offers business lunch delivery to your office.
Daily from 12.00 to 16.00 you can enjoy a wide range of delicious courses from the business lunch menu or the complete restaurant menu.
We offer a lunch menu for one day, for a week.
For details please call+74992363363+79165862300

Business lunch
Салат-бар 190.00
Суп-гуляш с кислой капустой 70.00
Суп-пюре из чечевицы 90.00
Сотэ из курицы в устричном соусе 190.00
Морской язык в красной паприке 190.00
Стуфато из белой фасоли 190.00
Рагу из телятины с черносливом в горшочке 260.00
Десерт 160.00
  • We can also provide diet and vegetarian dishes with any caloric content to keep you fit and healthy.
  • We'll serve lunches in your office dining-room or deliver it in individual packages upon demand.